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FREAKY FRIDAY: Why Easter Bunnies Are Most Likely Evil

Clearly, with Snowball as an example, we can all agree that cute little bunnies are capable of evil. Or maybe it's just Kevin Hart who's evil? 


Today, on the eve of Easter weekend, I would like to posit that bunnies are, in fact, wicked and not to be trusted. To begin the argument, we must go all the way back to the 1600s, when the folkloric creature the Germans called Osterhase (Easter Hare) emerged as a popular symbol of the Easter season. The Lutheran church in Germany perpetuated the legend of the hare as a judge of children, weighing who had been naughty or nice and rewarding good kids with colorful, boiled eggs after a period of fasting.

Sound similar to another holiday you know? 

I'm thinking, yeah, but what about the poor kiddies who, in a hypoglycemic moment, behaved badly and then are starved to death by the Osterhase?! Yeah, that's not a pretty picture. I had bunnies as pets when I was a little girl, so I already knew they were vicious.

If we look back fu…

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