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The Latest Ranting...

So... totality wasn't as exciting as I'd hoped. Not sure what your experience was like yesterday, but I was racing to my kids' carpool line through a rain-soaked city in northeastern Florida. 


I even had the trendy glasses for the occasion. Guess I should have driven to Idaho instead of my kids' school.

While I'm not a science lover or someone who nerds-out very often, I do appreciate the mystery and history that surrounds a total eclipse. What a cool moment to write into the plot of a YA novel, or to include in filming a Sci-fi series. As I understand it, there won't be another totality experience in North America until April 8, 2024. That's cool. I should still be alive.

But when it comes to mapping the history of the total eclipse, I keep hearing conflicting dates. The NY Times says, not since 1979. I was alive then, too, but don't remember it. Other sources say 1918. Before you ask or make a joke, no, I wasn't alive then. 

To dispel some of …

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