May the Fourth Be With You

According to, what began as a pun used by die-hard fans has grown into an official Star Wars holiday known as, uncreatively, Star Wars Day. It's an annual celebration of a galaxy (and decade) far, far away. Supposedly, the first Star Wars Day celebration took place in 2011, in Canada, at the Toronto Underground Cinema.


I don't know how you're celebrating this fabulous observance, but I didn't figure out that it was Stars Wars Day until sometime after lunch. I wonder, would my employer possibly consider it a religious holiday.


Anyway, my teenagers clearly knew the import of this day and dressed appropriately. Here's my middle daughter at physical therapy and sporting her Vader gear. Uh, before you ask... no, the thing on her head is not a new Sith helmet.

However dull the celebrations may be at our house, other dedicated fans are funnin' it up all over the world. You could indulge in everything from a discount at the Disney Store to a reading event at your local library. I've even seen specially designed Star Wars recipes floating around. YUM! My flavorite, so far-far, are the Princess Leia cupcakes. 

But even if you're not into cooking and costumes, there are plenty of other ways to get into the Jedi spirit...

YOU COULD read a Jeffrey Brown book with your younger child, or force your teenager to listen because they refuse to do their homework this close to summer break. These are great little books. Check out this creative author's entire set of Jedi Academy chapter books, or enjoy his shorter coffee-table humor books like Vader's Little Princess and Vader and Son.  

YOU COULD invite over a friend who’s never seen Star Wars and lock them into your home theater for 15 hours with all seven films.

YOU COULD waste some time on Wookieepedia, the ultimate Star Wars authority. But remember, you will never get those hours of your life back.

YOU COULD quickly memorize a bunch of Star Wars jokes and spend the rest of the day looking for victims who will listen. Who tries to be a Jedi? Obi-Wannabe!

YOU COULD peruse the dating profiles of some very eligible, extremely fictional fellas at

It wouldn't hurt. Everybody wants to find love, as the website states, even if it's in another planetary system.

YOU COULD furiously search online for tickets to the official 2018 Star Wars Celebration and sadly discover that those tickets don't exist. That's right. Cry your little paduwan eyes out cuz the 'powers that be' decided to skip a year and celebrate in 2019 at a yet-to-be-specified time and place. I ask you, what kind of fair weather fandom is that?!

YOU COULD move to Denver and watch your local television station where the news anchors are gettin' cray-cray about the holiday. Don't want to relocate to Colorado? Then watch the video here.

Lastly, YOU COULD observe this high holy day Duval style by fishing off the Jacksonville Beach pier.


Cuz you liked 'em so much...